On EA Leaders Forum, Leadership Groups & Secret Admins @EmpireAve #socialmedia #EaV #EmpireAve #Klout

On EA Leaders Forum, Leadership Groups & Secret Admins @EmpireAve #socialmedia #EaV #EmpireAve #Klout #Wordpress

Artists Rendition

Two days ago I joined a Leadership work group that was created after EA changed the nature of the EA Leaders forum on EA from a place where EA Leaders could discuss actually leading the company to only being about the actual package sold by Empire Avenue.

This change happened soon after the EA Leaders package went on sale on or about 4/2/2014.

A thread was started by Chris Voss, wherein he…

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On Filing With the SEC @EmpireAve #EaV #SocialMedia #EmpireAve

Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew

Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew

Sunday Morning All Is Well
Corporate Pirates
Expose Their Soft Shell

Blog About False Advertising
The Corporate Pirates
Cry Incessanty

Blog About Cyber Bullying
Corporate Pirates
Are Heard to Scream

Run A Clean Operation?
Not Them

They Hide From The Light
Under Bridge

The Trolls A Fear
Of Ethical
Business Operations


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On Transparency & Game Rules

On Transparency & Game Rules #EmpireAve #EaV #socialmedia #RonR #HumanBiz

It’s very strange that a private inquiry to an Administrator and Brand Manager of Empire Avenue would lead to me being blocked by another Administrator and Brand Manager, but that has happened.

Last night I noted that the (e)EaVLeaders account which is managed by 4 Administrators had created an “invest” mission in one of their fellow administrators during the “pie” event.

I am not sure how the…

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The Animal Farm

The Animal Farm #socialmedia #customerservice #consumeraffairs #blogging #RonR #Humanbiz #bloggers#klout #Fashion

Keith Gill 1

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a wonderful read.

It tells the tale of an oppressed society that rises up and takes over.  And in turn a new smaller minority consolidates power and begins to oppress those they made prior promises to.

This tale is particularly enlightening as the attempt to shrug off corporate responsibilities has been revealed.

While none of us as individuals can be said to have…

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A Lovely Visit With Amelia Ceja, President of Ceja Vineyards

A Lovely Visit With Amelia Ceja, President of Ceja Vineyards #Wine #winelovers #california #napa #socialmedia


In the latter part of July, I was introduced on Twitter to Amelia Ceja, President of Ceja Vineyards.  Ceja Vineyards is a family operated Winery in Carneros Valley, California.

I had heard lovely things about Amelia , her Winery and Tasting room in Napa from TV correspondent Lori Moreno.

At the mere mention of my desire to visit Ceja Vineyards, Amelia issued a personal invitation to come and…

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The Great Pretender! ~ The Satire & Parody News Desk

The Great Pretender! @CopperStateComm @sales4life #socialmedia #humor #satire #RonR #blogging #bloggers #klout #humanbiz


My recent run in with a certain unnamed salesman for Copper State Communcations has inspired a bit of creativity!

Oh-oh, yes I’m the great social media connector
Pretending that I’m doing well
My need is such I pretend too much
I’m spiking my score, and now in basement do dwell

Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I’m playing the game but to my real shame
My klout score…

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Krew News! All The News To Kollaborate To!

#Krew News! All The News To Kollaborate To! #Wine #News #Humor #socialmedia #blogging #bloggers


Tali “IcePack” Jackson, a wonderful blues artist, wants to collaborate with me on his next album.

Tali has played with Bob Dylan, The Monkees, Bette Midler and many others, and is a truly talented musician.

We are gonna make a billion ruples.  And I am definitely pro ruples!

@WanderinPoet @NTELLEKT @ThomComas @CordeiroRickw p, u gotta as they say collab on my next cd ‘RAP IZ CRAP’ we’ll make a…

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On Copper State Communications #SocialMedia Sales @CopperStateComm

On Copper State Communications #CustomerService #socialmedia #klout @CopperStateComm

Copper State Communications is a Telecom company located in and apparently serving the Arizona area.

Their employee wrote most of the words in this article, Influencer Marketing & Klout: Propel Your LinkedIn Publishing which is demonstrably false.

If you need proof that we “crowdsource” our content from clients, their sales professionals and our channel partners, this is an amazing example!


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