Klout! ~ How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker

Klout! ~ How Not To Be A #SocialMedia Wanker #Wine #socialmedia @winewankers

Klout has been kind enough to share 2 of our wine blogs thus far.

This makes the 6th share of my blog by @Klout that I am aware of.

Lili Coffin ~ An Introduction – klou.tt/1alo1bfivozw2 This is my partner! Thanks @klout & @Kloutsupport #Wine #Socialmedia.—
Wandering Poet Wine (@WanderinWine) July 30, 2014



The second one I didn’t even see, I just noted it as Conrad continues to dig himself…

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The Merry Band ~ How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker

The Merry Band #Poetry #Wine #socialmedia

When Shadows Stride Across The Land
Some Strike Up A Merry Band
Lies, Revealed Measure of the “Man.”
On the Watch, Do What We Can

Seems We Have A Heavy Hand
And Friends Rally
Isn’t That Grand
Loyalty & Friendship,
Here We Take A Stand

I have renamed my social media series from “Letters to Conrad” to “How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker.”

Realted Content:


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Empire Avenue Players ~ (E)SQRL

@EmpireAvenue Players ~ (E)SQRL @EAVLeaders #socialmedia #EmpireAve #leadership #Influence @veravonmonika @tripletsfan19

Empire Venue

(e) to the SQRL
To the double dee dee
He has goodies
Stuffed in his tree

It’s A true delight
And you will see
That the Fly Squirrel
Rocks the big E(A)

So Get Ready To Rock
And Get Ready To Roll
Cause The Blog-A-Thon
Is the Big Show.

Calling Sir Rudiger Esquirel an Empire Avenue player is like calling Ice-T a “rapper.”

No, he’s an icon, in a category of his own.

He’s the cutest squirrel
You ever…

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On Cyber Bullying ~ Fact Kheck Krew

On Cyber Bullying & Security Online ~ Fact Kheck #Krew @benheysphoto #Socialmedia #photography #fashion #art #feminism #civilrights

Dear Conrad,

So there I was minding my own business on Empire Avenue when a new “mission” popped up.

And a fashion photographer had himself a little brouhaha going with a #fashion model that had done nude pictures for him, but had later changed her mind and asked that the photos not be released.

This gentleman of a photographer, feeling he had not been fairly compensated for all his time,…

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Lili Coffin ~ An Introduction

Lili Coffin ~ An Introduction

Kaufmans Kavalkade:

Our new Wine blog! Please check it out.

Originally posted on The Wandering Poet Presents Lili’s World of Wine:

Editors Note:  Lili prepared the following and emailed it to me.  Although she is has Administrator authority on this blog, she is unfamiliar with the website as a whole.  I have edited it with formatting.  The words are Lili’s own.  Her involvment with the wine world…

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WordPress Risk (Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Konquers the Internet) ~ One.Biz.com Exploits our Plans! Update 9

WordPress Risk (Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Konquers the Internet) ~ One.Biz.com Exploits our Plans! Update 9 #Humor #EmpireAve

So, after Facebook verified our proof of concept last September 30th, it appears that fellow Empire Avenue players (e)CDTech99 representing OneBiz.com has provided independent verification of the validity of our plans to conquer the internet.

If you watch their video in Super-Slo-Mo you can determine that their viral spread was nearly the exact same as ours!

Ergo:  Proof of Concept.


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Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew (On Lies by @Winewankers

Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ On Lies by @winewankers #socialmedia #wine #bloggers #music #Fashion #Art #Poetry @VeraVonMonika

Sunday Morning & All Is Well
The Dogs At Play
Out in the Dell
The Sun Shines
Future Foretell?
Of WineWankers Influence
Tis a Hollow Shell.

I believe in accountability. Always have, and always will.

Many other do not, and for various reasons.

Some might be scared of offending a big player in social media and wine.

Not me. I…

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The Stevie Chronicles

The #Stevie Chronicles @stevieboylan @koustave @lilicoffin @instantkarmasho #humor #Blogging

Stevie, Koustave and I visited Durango to go duck hunting last fall, just as the leaves were turning to go duck hunting.

The leaves weren’t turning TO go duck hunting, they were changing colors.

I can’t even remember if it was duck season or not.  But we were going to play Duck Hunt on the Nintendo in Fargo, so it was OK.

We took Stevie’s Dodge Durango which was odd as I thought Stevie was a Ford…

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Empire Avenue Players ~ (e)Nak ~ Terri Nakamura

@EmpireAvenue Players ~ (e)Nak ~ @TerriNakamura #Socialmedia #EmpireAvenue cc: @Stevieboylan

Of the many friends on social media and Empire Avenue, Terri stepped up and helped when I absolutely needed it most.

And when one of the top Women in social media suggests that your stuff is worth publishing, that kind of support is breathtaking.

After all, Terri has been featured in the Huffington Post article entitled, Rise of the Female Geek,” is one of the “Top 75 Badas$ Women on Twitter,” an…

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