The Great Pretender! ~ The Satire & Parody News Desk

The Great Pretender! @CopperStateComm @sales4life #socialmedia #humor #satire #RonR #blogging #bloggers #klout #humanbiz


My recent run in with a certain unnamed salesman for Copper State Communcations has inspired a bit of creativity!

Oh-oh, yes I’m the great social media connector
Pretending that I’m doing well
My need is such I pretend too much
I’m spiking my score, and now in basement do dwell

Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I’m playing the game but to my real shame
My klout score…

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Krew News! All The News To Kollaborate To!

#Krew News! All The News To Kollaborate To! #Wine #News #Humor #socialmedia #blogging #bloggers


Tali “IcePack” Jackson, a wonderful blues artist, wants to collaborate with me on his next album.

Tali has played with Bob Dylan, The Monkees, Bette Midler and many others, and is a truly talented musician.

We are gonna make a billion ruples.  And I am definitely pro ruples!

@WanderinPoet @NTELLEKT @ThomComas @CordeiroRickw p, u gotta as they say collab on my next cd ‘RAP IZ CRAP’ we’ll make a…

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On Copper State Communications #SocialMedia Sales @CopperStateComm

On Copper State Communications #CustomerService #socialmedia #klout @CopperStateComm

Copper State Communications is a Telecom company located in and apparently serving the Arizona area.

Their employee wrote most of the words in this article, Influencer Marketing & Klout: Propel Your LinkedIn Publishing which is demonstrably false.

If you need proof that we “crowdsource” our content from clients, their sales professionals and our channel partners, this is an amazing example!


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Comcast Customer Service Shines

Comcast Customer Service Shines @comcastwill @comcastmelissa #socialmedia #customerservice #klout

Today I received a call from Comcast indicating that an individual had lodged a complaint against me for harassment.  And that it was related to my blog.

After discussing for a few minutes, the culprit was narrowed down, and relevant facts were discussed.

Axel, CSA Tech 117 at Comcast confirmed that no further action would be taken against me.

Later this afternoon CSA Tech 998 emailed back and…

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National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day!

And of course the pertinent question is, “Who let the dogs out?”


My friend Mott came up with this picture.



I am pretty sure I agree with the dog!  #Woof!

Fresno State has a return matchup, and a rather tough one with USC this Saturday in Los Angeles.

It’s time to Awaken The Nation!  (Thanks Georgia Bulldogs for the awesome video.)

The #Fresno Road Show is on…

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Unfriending On Social Media

Unfriending On #SocialMedia #RonR #Blogging #Bloggers #Wordpress

I agree with  Chris Voss.

I have long valued interactions on social media, and try to make friends.

But if you don’t interact, I really don’t feel that there’s much of a relationship there.

I am glad for my friends and followers and hope everyone enjoys my content.

If people like my stuff and follow that’s great, and on Twitter I do follow back, unless you are a troll, liar, racist, bully…

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The Daily Good Cheer Award ~ @Dups! #EmpireAve

The Daily Good Cheer Award ~ Dups! Empire Avenue! @dups @empireave #socialmedia #empireave #blogging #bloggers #klout

Daily Good Cheer Award 2

Today’s Daily Good Cheer Award goes to Duleepa Wijayawardhana aka Dups!

Dups came out with a strongly worded statement on the EA Leaders forum condemning bullying and other strange occurences on Empire Avenue.

I consider it a travesty that I had to report publically on what is occuring, as reaching out to support and moderation did not help at an earlier time.

As we started our reporting due to…

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Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch #Krew (#Wine Krew Too!)

Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew #wine


Sunday Morning & All Is Well
A Rumbler Up
In Napa, Do Tell

Lili On #Wine Voyage
Living Life
Bon Vivant

Special guest
of Amelia Ceja
Wine Trip, Extravagante!

#wine #winelovers
Lili Coffin (@lilicoffin) August 24, 2014

Lili and a friend drove up to Napa yesterday at the invitation of Amelia Ceja, owner of Ceja Vineyards.

She attended a festival in Napa and a…

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Include Leaders in Your Strategy-Making

Include Leaders in Your Strategy-Making

Originally posted on Cperky’s Blog:

Waiting until your strategic plan is perfect before presenting it to a leader for review renders her practically useless. Seek real input, not a pat on the back. Ask your leader early on whether there’s a different way she would frame the strategy problem. Then go back with the possible solutions and ask her if you’re overlooking anything. Return a third time…

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